Is It Really Possible To Start An Online Home Business With Limited Computer Skills?

It is clear that if you are going to succeed with limited skills in the online home business world then you are going to have to do your homework. You will come up against numerous hurdles along the way, but all of which can be overcome with a little hard work and perseverance.

Firstly, there is the terminology. Research starting an online home business by reading blogs and content sites, these will often contain words and abbreviations you may not understand. You will need to research these to define them and understand what they mean. It may be a good idea to keep a word page or note book with definitions of these terms at first as having to keep going back and forth to find out what they are every time you forget can be time consuming.

Once you have understood what you need to do and have a business plan in place you will need to find a way to put your plan into action.

Putting together a website, SEO, social marketing etc, for whatever online home business you have chosen can be a minefield for beginners. What are domain names? What is web hosting? Do I need a content management site? How do I install applications? How do I actually use content management sites? What about e mail, and auto responders? What is SEO? What are backlinks?

It can be all too easy to give up when frustration kicks in because the computer will just not do what you want it to or you go two steps forward and four back. There are however, solutions to your problems so be patient and don’t give up. Some ways you can get help are to use forums to ask questions of people with more experience, web hosts and content management sites often have excellent FAQ pages and e mail support.

Whatever you decide for your online home business whether it be affiliate marketing or selling e books or DVD resell rights if you have no experience you will have to spend time learning. Alternatively you could outsource all your requirements but this could be costly.

It may also help to keep a book for notes and ideas about your business, choose an idea and stick with it, don’t be tempted to switch to new projects until you have fully explored, tested and refined the one you are working on.

So in answer to the original question of can someone with limited computer skills start an online business? The answer is of course yes, if you are prepared to spend time and learn with patience and determination then you could have your own online home business. Part of the fun is in seeing it take shape as you little by little put together your very own online business and you will have the added satisfaction that you did it yourself (unless of course you employ someone to do it for you).

3 Words NOT to Use When Starting an Online Home Business

I have travelled a fair amount and now live in a different culture than what I was raised and one thing that is true wherever you go, some words mean different things to different people. Where I presently live, words I was raised to believe were swear words are commonplace among those who wouldn’t dream of saying what they thought to be swearing words.

The worst example of words with different meaning was a mission trip I organized for some youth to go to Scotland. One of the girls in our group had to actually change her first name for the duration of our visit because her name had a sexual connotation in Scotland and we didn’t want it to be a distraction. Silly, I know, but different words mean different things to different people.

I say all of that to say there are buzz words in Internet Marketing that should be avoided like the plague because of the connotations to some who have had bad experiences. If the goal is to “build your lists” with people from all over North America (and beyond) one needs to be careful how they present what it is they do.

Here is a list of 3 words that put off some people with a suggested word that says the same thing only differently.

1. Pyramid – Every successful online business has a residual income to it. Replacing the word “pyramid” with “residual income” makes it a whole lot easier for people to understand the concept of “signing someone up”. Lord knows that someone knows someone who was abused in a pyramid scheme somewhere.

2. Downline – Not a negative word in itself but it does give a sense that one is below another. What about replacing “downline” with variations on the word “affiliate”? Such as those whom you personally recruit would be your “first-line affiliates” and so on. “Affiliates” gives a sense that you are working together not that someone is working to make you rich.

3. Guru – It’s a given that in any profession there are those at the top of the food chain who have figured it out and are making a lot of money. Calling them a “guru” to your friends/prospects creates quite a distance between them and this “guru”. Simply replacing the word “guru” with the word “entrepreneur” means that we are all on the same journey, heading the same direction.

As you look into starting an Online Home Business you will also find that a sub-culture has developed with its own words like autoresponders, search engine optimizers and the like. It’s important to understand the culture BEFORE influencing the culture but also to understand the culture BEFORE introducing someone to the culture. And to do that you need to know what words mean what especially to the newbies (another new word).

All the best to you on this incredible journey. Find a glossary and get used to these new words and throw out the bad. You’ll be well on your way to success.

Dan Thiessen

[email protected]

Why I Started an Online Home Business

The main reason I started an online home business is that I was looking for an altogether fresh start that had nothing to do with the financial markets. Having worked in the financial services industry for the last 25 years I have seen all sides of people, good and bad. I have seen the lengths that people will go to make money and the levels of greed associated with it. I have seen money come and money go. I have seen many people make thousands and many people lose thousands.

Perhaps, considering my opening comments you might say that I had become jaded; well maybe that’s true! I was conditioned throughout my life to think that this was the only way that I could make a good, honest and legitimate income. It was one way, but certainly not the only way. I was involved for a short time in a Multi-Level Marketing program some 11 or 12 years ago; may I add with little success, as it relied heavily on recruiting people to join your “Downline” and getting them to repeat the process through recruiting their own “Downline”, and then everyone needed to buy products on a regular basis, at an inflated price, so everyone could make thousands upon thousands of dollars. All that I managed to do was alienate my friends and family.

With the growth of the Internet and with the development of sophisticated software and marketing programs I decided it was time for a fresh look at what was available, and to my surprise the world had changed! I thought to myself “Now, here’s a chance to make some good money for the right person”. “Am I the right person for this?”, I thought. Could I actually do this?, I thought. I mean, “I’d tried this before and it didn’t work out as I had planned”, I thought. I suppose the question came down to what I would need to do, who I would need to talk to, who could show me, or train me, who had the experience, or who could give me the tools that I would need to go about things the right way this time.

So the search began, and after looking at many different systems and programs that appeared promising, until further research and investigation crossed them off the list one by one, until I finally stumbled quite literally on to something that looked like it might actually work. By stumble, I mean that they found me through some program that finds people who have entered certain information into certain websites. Quite clever I thought. I’m sure if I was more of the generation of my teenage son I wouldn’t have been so impressed that they knew what I was looking for. Mind you; kids are born with some sort of electronic device attached to them these days; whereas my generation was lucky to have a box of old hand me down toys that had been through older brothers and sisters.

Anyway, I digress; back to the matter at hand. What I discovered is there is indeed legitimate ways of earning money through a home business on the Internet, and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to “sell stuff ” to everyone you know in order to “make a buck”. You just have to find the right online home business that suits you! And, remember that “Nothing worthwhile comes for free, and you might actually have to do some work to achieve what you want in life “, well sometimes.